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Policy Analysis of a Major Residential Infill Development in West Oakland » A proposal to develop approximately 1,500 market-rate housing units on a West Oakland infill site raised a range of issues examined by Mundie & Associates in this economic and planning study. The 29-acre site across I-680 from the Port of Oakland had long been devoted to industrial and Port-related uses, and had been planned and zoned accordingly. M&A's analysis, prepared under the supervision of the Oakland planning director, established a foundation for Oakland to consider a change in land use designation in tandem with a proposal to re-shape this part of West Oakland as a close-to-downtown, modestly-priced residential community. The framework study addressed questions about foregoing future industrial use, altering the physical character of residential development, accelerating the appreciation of residential properties, and changing the socio-economic characteristics of the residential base. Tools and resources for Oakland to preserve its existing low-and-moderate income housing resources (both in West Oakland and elsewhere in the city) were set forth in the study, providing a constructive response to concerns about potential gentrification.

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of a Big Box Retail Store Expansion in Redwood City » The warehouse retailer Costco proposed to expand an existing store and add a gas station with 16 fueling locations at its Redwood City site. The public's questions about the project related primarily to its impacts on existing businesses in Redwood City, and on existing gas stations in particular. City questions related to revenues and public service costs. M&A's investigation focused on the retail demand that expanded retail operations would divert from existing and other potential future businesses in the Redwood City market area. The work included a focus group interview with owners/managers of existing gas stations to pinpoint their concerns about the new facility.


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