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Purpose-Driven Work Products

Laying Groundwork

What knowledge is needed to clarify issues and analyze problems?

Market and Real Estate Studies for San Francisco's Transbay Terminal and Surrounding Area » After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a new transit station for buses that connect San Francisco to Alameda County destinations was needed to replace the previous facility, which was found to be unsafe. M&A served as the economic consultant on a series of engineering, planning, and design studies that evaluated strategies for a new terminal. The market analyses provided by M&A established the basis for evaluating the prospects for redevelopment in the area surrounding the terminal, the desirable scale and use mix of residential, nonresidential, and mixed use projects in the area, and the potential for joint public/private development on the Terminal site. M&A also evaluated the likely impacts of alternative Terminal locations on redevelopment potential in the surrounding area; projected property tax increments that could reasonably be anticipated from land use changes in a redevelopment project area surrounding the Terminal; and prepared real estate cash flow simulations to estimate the contribution that a joint development project could make to financing the new Terminal.

Growth-Inducing Impacts of Improvements to the San Francisco Water Delivery System » Improved reliability and increased storage and delivery capacity would result from planned improvements to the San Francisco water system that serves approximately 2.5 million residents and 1.5 million workers in four counties of the Bay Area. For the EIR on water system improvement plans, M&A contributed an analysis of the potential of the planned improvements to affect growth within the local areas of San Francisco's retail water customers. Illuminating this issue required (1) systematic review of local plans for growth, (2) consideration of those plans within a broader county and regional context, and (3) assessment of the influences on future local growth that have been incorporated into the evolution of regional development forecasts by ABAG for the year 2030. With this groundwork established, an evaluation of the relationship between future availability of San Francisco-supplied water and future growth in its service area could proceed.


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