Mundie & Associates

Practice Areas

Mundie & Associates offers experience-based counsel and situation-specific technical analysis grounded in planning and urban economics. As land use consultants, we help developers respond to market complexities and we assist planners in framing plans and regulations, evaluating projects, and guiding the public process. Whether our task requires customary or customized approaches, M&A draws on careful, sometimes pioneering research to reach sound conclusions that clients can understand and use.

Economics » identifying the employment and income opportunities in a locality and determining how best to strengthen the area's economic base. An understanding of the operation of the local economy is critical to sound planning for community development and redevelopment.

Market Analysis for Public Agency Plans » providing information essential to decisions about land use mix and phasing in public agency plans for community subareas. Such information - about the demand for and supply of urban uses and developable land - makes it possible for planners to gauge future development needs, guide the pacing and siting of public improvements, and avoid premature development commitments.

Real Estate Analysis for the Public Sector » helping public agencies "think like developers." Time-phased analysis of development costs and revenues supports estimates of land values and development feasibility essential to agency staff who wear the developer hat.

Fiscal Analysis » testing project outcomes for their public sector cost/revenue effects. Constrained local government resources make the fiscal issue pivotal for many agencies and jurisdictions.

Environmental Issues » documenting CEQA impacts in reports that view a project within the broader planning and development context of the community. Economic and planning expertise provides insight into complex projects and strengthens the environmental analysis of strategically-oriented planning documents.

Integrated Economic and Planning Studies » recognizing that project success requires in-depth understanding of economic/planning interactions when the two conditions are inextricably related.


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