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At Mundie & Associates, our staff brings to our work a spirit of inquiry that looks beyond practice-based classifications to the specifics of each project: site, setting, client goals, and what the client does and doesn't know about the ways in which the context shapes the array of possible futures.

While our practice falls into a number of disciplines, the value of each product to its client is best illustrated by describing how we approach each assignment and shape each work product. Whatever the area of practice - urban economics or public-sector finance or environmental assessment - we deploy our knowledge, skills, and talents to:

  • listen closely to the client's concerns,
  • recognize the specific issues an assignment raises,
  • "place" the assignment within the multiple contexts that apply (local/regional, public/private, land development/environmental stewardship, public sector cost/public benefit),
  • view the assignment within a framework that is broad enough to anticipate the perspectives of non-client stakeholders and the public,
  • determine how our effort should be focused to best clarify issues and provide information, analysis, and guidance to the client (and potentially other actors), and finally
  • provide a work product that enables the client to move toward decisionmaking with confidence.

The recognition that every situation is different means that the focus of our work varies with each assignment we undertake.

  • Where a solid, defensible theoretical and/or informational basis for decision-making is lacking, the focus of our work can be to supply that foundation by laying groundwork necessary to define the policy choices available.
  • Where the existing information base is extensive, it may require expert interpretation before it can be drawn on to address the client's issues through a problem solving analysis.
  • Where both the foundation for decisionmaking and the tools for informed action are present, the charge may be to shape a program of implementation that accomplishes change in the time frame desired and at a cost proportionate to the client's resources.
  • Where known problem-solving approaches cannot be applied or would not adequately address a problem, innovating is in order: formulating a new approach that responds to the specific situation.

An overview of projects strongly oriented to each of these directions of emphasis provides insight into the content of our professional work that complements a classification by practice: the areas of practice establish the basic ingredients of a study; the direction of emphasis in a given study establishes its flavor.


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