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Roberta Mundie

Roberta Mundie is a Harvard-trained planner whose professional work bridges the fields of environmental planning and urban economics. She has prepared the economic elements of numerous city plans, from the APA-award-winning plan for Petaluma (1976) to the recently-completed update of the Petaluma General Plan (2006). She also contributes to economic and market analysis for specific plans and projects, including the Wood Street project in West Oakland, the West Capitol Corridor study in West Sacramento, and the El Camino corridor study in San Mateo. She has led numerous CEQA analyses, completing EIRs on a range of projects from subdivisions and shopping centers to large multi-use developments and major public policy initiatives.


Suzanne Lampert is a Princeton-trained planner whose work focuses on urban development forecasting, market research relating to urban land uses and projects, and feasibility analysis for private and public landowners. She is expert in market assessment, real estate feasibility analysis, and fiscal impact studies. Her specialty is highest-and-best-use studies that reflect the interplay of economic realities with public agency policy. Her recent projects have included the Action Plan for the West Capitol Corridor in West Sacramento, analyses of neighborhood change in Oakland, and a market study to determine the threshold size that a nonmetropolitan community must attain to attract a supermarket.

Suzanne Lampert

Collaboration With Other Firms

Mundie & Associates is a small firm, with senior staff members Roberta Mundie and Suzanne Lampert serving as project directors and providing their committed personal attention to clients' projects. M&A leads multi-firm collaborations when interdisciplinary teams best meet client needs, as is typical for CEQA projects; it is also frequently the case for planning projects, which may need the skills of an urban designer, traffic- and/or civil engineer to shape a plan's physical components and to frame physical alternatives for consideration by the consulting team and the client. M&A also serves on teams led by others who call on our abilities in economics, fiscal, and development studies to inform a broad planning effort or environmental impact analysis.


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